Engagement Parties

Engagement Parties

Engagement Parties

Engagement parties are your first step to happiness on your way to the marriage. Not to mention they are the first moment that some of the family members meet for the first time. In this way, they are different from the weddings because the guest lists are shorter than the guest lists of weddings and create a sincere environment. So, the family members who aren’t acquainted before get a chance to form a closer relationship with each other.

Besides, engagement parties may function as a rehearsal for your future wedding. Engagement preparations can be as exciting as wedding preparations, in addition to being tense from time to time. However, your engagement party can help you with seeing what troubles may occur or what you may be missing in your wedding. In this sense, considering the pros and the cons of your engagement party will be helpful for your future wedding.

Even though it seems like a simple engagement party, it has many functions. However, do not spoil the beauty of your engagement party worrying about all these details! It will be an unforgettable and magnificent night with your loved ones beside you along with all those amazing decorations.

So, how about spending this amazing night at poolside in every season? Ramada Plaza By Wyndham İstanbul City Center offers you this great opportunity that you can have fun at poolside in every season thanks to the panoramic glass roof that can be opened and closed according to your desire.

Regardless of the season, come and let’s take your first step to the marriage together!

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