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Ideas for a Winter Wedding

Ideas for a Winter Wedding

Ideas for a Winter Wedding

When you think about weddings, the first thing that comes to mind would be weddings near the beach or a pool in a sunny day. That’s why many people may prefer having a wedding in summer. However, that doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to adore winter weddings! Just like summer weddings, winter weddings have many advantages and great ideas for decoration as well.

First of all, if you are going to be a winter bride, you are lucky because many hotels that you may go for your honeymoon would be cheaper. Moreover,  you have still chance to visit hot places for your honeymoon.  The only thing that is lef to you is finding the best decoration ideas for your winter wedding. So, if you are looking for decoration ideas and place suggestions, this article is just for you!

-First things first: Theme color

When it’s winter, it’s all about white and blue resembling snow and ice. You can use ice blue or silver candlesticks, table cloths, napkins or flowers and turn your wedding into a ball taking place in a Frozenland, and you would be the Queen!


If you prefer more vibrant colors, you can always go for coral or pink or glitter gold. They would help you get the winter theme with a more vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere for your wedding.


 Also, wooden products are good for a natural and rustic winter theme. Not to mention stylish.


 -Choosing your wedding bouquet

For a winter bride, white roses would be the perfect idea. White roses in the bouquet would look so elegant and noble. Yet, there is no harm in trying different ideas. Got any ideas on the most decorative object when you think of winter? Pine cones! They have become a common decorative object for our houses recently. To have a different touch, you can use pine cones in your bouquet or use them as a decoration on the tables. They would create a natural winter theme for your wedding.

Another idea for decorations and your bouquet is the little, red, cherry-like flowers you see in almost every New Year’s decoration. Remember them? Yes, Ruscus Aculeatus. The vibrant red color would give you the energy you need in your wedding. So, you may prefer using it for your bouquet and decorations. Imagine how cute it would look among the flower in your bouquet or on the tables, spread like red pearls.

-Candles, candles everywhere!

Little and big candles placed around or on the tables would create not only a cozy, but also a really romantic atmosphere. They would also help to warm the place alongside with your heart.


-And Lights!

Lights are important. Imagine a place enlighted by dim lights, adorned by decorations of your choice. A wedding concept with a winter theme and a place enlighted by dim lights would create the atmosphere warm enough to melt your heart and forget about the cold outside!


What if I told you that you can have your winter wedding near a pool in the winter? Yes!

So, how about having your wedding at the poolside in winter? It may seem impossible but, Ramada Plaza by Wyndham İstanbul City Center offers you this opportunity in the most unique way. With its roof that can be opened or closed according to your preference, amazing decorations and adornments, you can have your winter wedding at pool side and have a day to remember!

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