Size 53 m²
Height 2.50 m
Theatre Style 35 pax
Class Style 18 pax
Round Table Style (banquet) 20 pax
Cocktail Style 35 pax


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Ball Room

Our Ballroom, located on the R floor, is surrounded by glass on three sides and has a balcony

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Club B Room

It is a square hall on the B1 floor and opens to a 90 square meter foyer. It can be combined with Club A Room

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Club C Room

It is a square saloon on the B1 floor and opens to a 90 square meter foyer area

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Club D Room

Club D Hall on the B1 floor opens to a 90 square meter foyer

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Club E Room

It has a rectangular hall on the B1 floor and opens to a 90 square meter foyer.

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Ottoman Meeting Room

Ottoman Meeting Room is located on the lobby floor and is suitable for special meals and meetings

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Engagement Parties

This article is for you if you want to have an engagement party at poolside!

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Special Wedding Dates in February

February offers you many special dates for your wedding!

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