History of Pangaltı

History of Pangaltı

If you are interested in the history of Pangaltı, we will provide you a list of locations and historical information about this area

Where is Pangaltı ?

Located on the European side, Pancaltı is one of the neighborhoods of Sisli. This neighborhood was a residential area for Levantine Christians back in the time.  This neighborhood has many historical buildings and places to visit.  Let’s take a look at its history to get to know the ancient sites to go around here!

1. Haylayf Patisserie

Haylayf patisserie gets its name from it’s most famous dessert. Started by a Greek citizen back in the time, this patisserie is known for its unique desserts. This patisserie is renowned for both it’s delicious desserts and political incidents it has been through. During the 6-7 September attacks back in the day, this place was one of the areas that got attacked. Surviving the political attacks, this historical place continues to be one of the most famous patissery in the neighborhood.

2. Turkish Bath of Pangaltı

One of the places that has an important place in Pangalti's history and history is Pangalti Bath. Pangalti Bath, which is one of the most famous places of that period, was serving as a bath that many people preferred with its service and its location close to the famous places of Pangalti. The location of the bath was located between Ergenekon and Halaskargazi Street, near the Tunç Cafeteria, one of the popular places of that period.

3. Tan Theatre

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham is located in once what was Tan Theatre. One of the famous theatres of its time, Tan theatre hold an essential place in history. In 1915 the theatre was built to become Pate theatre till 1940 it chances owners and becomes Tan Theatre. Managed by Ismail & Tarık Segban, This theatre was a place many movie lovers visited. 

4. Tunç Cafeteria

Being one of the most popular places of the period, Tunç Cafeteria was the first hot dog seller of Istanbul and sold its first hot dogs and wet hamburgers.

5. Pancaltı Country Garden

Pancaltı Country Garden holds a special place in history, giving the neighborhood its name. Giovanni Battista Pancaldi , a levantanian immigrants who have settled in the Levantane community and opened a country garden and named it his last name Pancalti.

Back in the time, this garden became a public place that has served many Levantane with its traditional Levantane food. In time this famous garden’s name have become the regions name. The Pangaltı Turkish Bath, Tunc Kafe, and Haylayf Pattiserie were all opened in the land of this garden.

6. Desserts of Pancalti

Pancaltı is a neighborhood that is well known for its delicious desserts. Like the Pancaltı Haylayf Pattiserie, many of the patisseries are know to have delicious deserts in this neighborhood. One of the top desserts in the area is a desert called Supangle. Pancaltı welcomes many visitors to its patisseries because of their famous desserts. 

All of the local locations we have shared with you are hare famous places both back in history and nowadays. With its unique name and sites to visit has had created a unique place to visit both for outside visitors and locals.

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