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Cookies Statement

Cookies Statement

User information and the internet 

In the event ofcollecting, processing, and usage of personal data on websites andin other systems or applications belonging to SAYKAR İNŞ.İHR. TURİZM TİC. Ve SAN INC. and"Ramadaplazaistanbul," the persons concerned is notified of theprivacy statement and, if necessary, the cookies. Users are informed about ourapplications on web pages. Personal data shall be processed in accordance withthe law.

When you visitour website, we provide the following information to your attention regardingthe cookies we use/will use on our page.


Google (analytics, double-click) 

Cookies UsePurpose: Measurement Advertising In-site optimization
 Cookie Type: Functional and analyticscookies Commercial cookies



CookiesUse Purpose: Advertising
 Cookie Type: Commercial cookies


3rd party companies (Google) 

Cookies UsePurpose: Advertising
 Cookie Type: Functional and analytics cookies Commercial cookies


Functional and Analytics 

Cookies includedata about remembering your preferences, effective use of the website,optimizing the site to meet user requests, and how visitors use the site. Bytheir nature, such cookies may contain personal information, such as username.


Third Party Cookies 

SAYKAR İNŞ. İHR. TURİZM TİC.Ve SAN INC. and "Ramadaplazaistanbul" are working withinternet sites/mobile applications/mobile internet sites, trusted andnotable third-party ad providers. Third-party service providers placetheir own cookies in order to serve you with specific ads. Cookies placedby third parties collect, track, and analyze visitors' surfing information ontheir websites.


Commercial cookies 

These cookiesserve to increase your user experience by offering a more advanced, customizedportfolio of advertisements and presenting you a similar product/contentthat you desire based on your interests and choices. In the session mentionedabove, the retention period of permanent, functional, analytics, and commercialcookies is about 2 (two) months, and the user can set the period from theinternet browser settings. The process of changing these settings may varybased on internet browsers.


How do I delete cookies? 

Many Internetbrowsers are set to automatically accept and use cookies from the initialinstallation to your computer. Using help or settings menus of your Internetbrowser, you can block cookies or have your browser alert when a cookie istransferred to your device. You can use your browser's instructions or helpmenu screen to learn different ways to manage cookies and get detailedinformation about how to change the browser's settings.

Telecommunications and the Internet,
computer, telephone, e-mail, and other applications allocated to employeeswithin the Company are assigned for business purposes only. The employeecannot use any of these means allocated by the company for his/her specificpurposes and communication needs. The company may check and audit all data onthese means. The employee undertakes not to hold any data or information otherthan the business-related ones on the computer, the phones or other meansallocated to him/her from the moment he/she starts the job.


VII. Transfer of personal data both at home and abroad 

Personal datamay be shared with the business and solution partners in order to ensurethe service provided by "Ramadaplazaistanbul."

 "Ramadaplazaistanbul" is able totransfer personal data to the following persons and institutions for specificpurposes: "Ramadaplazaistanbul"s business partners in a limitedmanner, in order to ensure the fulfillment of the objectives of the businesspartnership,
 Suppliers of "Ramadaplazaistanbul", to provide the Company withthe necessary services outsourced from the suppliers for fulfilling itscommercial activities, 
The solution partners of "Ramadaplazaistanbul" in a limited manner,in order to perform commercial activities requiring the participation of ourcompany's affiliates.
"Ramadaplazaistanbul" is entitled to transfer personal data at homeor abroad in accordance with other conditions stated in the Law and based on theconsent of the person under the conditions laid down by the Board.


VIII. Rights of the person concerned 

"Ramadaplazaistanbul"recognizes that the person has right to be sought his/her consent beforehis/her data are processed under the Law and has right to determine the fate ofhis data after the processing.

The personconcerned has the following rights in relation to their data by referring tothe contact person announced by "Ramadaplazaistanbul" on our website:

a) To learnwhether his/her personal data are processed or not,
b) To request information if his personal data are processed,
c) To learn the purpose of his data processing and whether this data is usedfor intended purposes,
d) To know the third parties to whom his personal data is transferred at homeor abroad,
e) To request the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data, if any,
f) To request his personal data to be erased or destroyed under the provisionsof the Article 7,
g) To request notification of the operations carried out in compliance withsubparagraphs (d) and (e) to third parties to whom hispersonal data has been transferred,
h) To object to the processing, exclusively by automatic means, of his personaldata, which leads to an unfavorable consequence for the data subject,
i) To claim compensation in case of suffering loss due to illegal processing ofthe personal data.

However, personsdo not have any rights with regard to anonymized data."Ramadaplazaistanbul" may share personal data with relevantinstitutions and organizations for the purpose of exercising a judicialduty or the statutory powers of the state authority pursuant to the businessand contractual relationship.

Personal datasubjects are able to exercise their rights mentioned above by consummatelycompleting the application form in the company's official internet address at, signing the form with wet-ink signature, and sending it by registeredletter with return receipt along with photocopies of identity (only a copyof the front face for ID). Your applications shall be concluded as soon aspossible or within 30 days at the latest after they reach our company,according to the nature of the requests. You must submit your applications byregistered letter with return receipt. In addition, we respond only for thematters related to you in your application and do not accept any applicationsabout your spouse, relative, or friend. "Ramadaplazaistanbul" mayrequest further information and documents from applicants.


IX. Privacy Policy 

The data ofemployees or other persons in "Ramadaplazaistanbul" are confidential.No one shall be able to use, copy, reproduce, transfer to others or use thesedata other than for business purposes in compliance with contract and law.


X. Transaction security 

All necessarytechnical and administrative measures are taken to protect personal datacollected by “Ramadaplazaistanbul,” and to prevent unauthorized access,and to prevent our customers and prospects from being victimized. In thiscontext, we ensure that our software complies with the standards, and wecarefully select the third parties and adhere to the data protection policywithin the company. Safety measures are constantly being renewed and improved.


XI. Audit 

"Ramadaplazaistanbul"makes necessary internal and external audits on the protection of personaldata.


XII. Notification of Violations 

When"Ramadaplazaistanbul" is notified of any breach of personal data, ittakes immediate action to remedy the violation. It minimizes the damage of theconcerned person and compensates the damage. When personal data is obtained byunauthorized persons from outside, it immediately notifies the Personal DataProtection Board.


Applications for notification of violations may also be made in accordance with the procedures set forth at


As announced on the application form pages

at , all applications related to requests made under the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection shall be taken into consideration when the form on the web page is filled in, and the photocopy of the identity is attached to the form and sent to the address specified on the form by registered letter with return receipt.

The rights to personal data may only be used for the data of the individual person. Requests for the data of persons other than the one who filled out the form having been attached the photocopy of the identity shall not be considered. Forms without a photocopy of the applicant's identity shall not be put into the process. We hereby submit your information that we are liable at sharing data with official authorities if requested, even when data erasure requests are met.

For the application form: Please click on the applicationform link.


If you have any questions about the confidentiality agreement, please contact us using the information at our contact page.


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