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Sculptures in the Madame Tussaud Museum

Sculptures in the Madame Tussaud Museum

Sculptures in the Madame Tussaud Museum

Madame Tussaud is the most famous beeswax museum in the World. The first museum was opened in London, 250 years ago. Today, Madam Tussaud is welcoming its visitors in Istanbul and continues to mesmerize with its brilliant beeswax Statues.


Madame Tussauds’ 21st Center in  Istanbul

Having been opened in many countries, now Istanbul welcomes this beautiful museum. Being the 21st beeswax museum of Madame Tussaud, you can visit to see the beeswax sculptures. Having had a long history, it is interesting that this museum rebuilds itself in every country with its unique sculptures.

The Sculptures in Madame Tussaud;

A World Leader: Atatürk

One of the first and most talked about statue that will welcome you to the museum is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The realism of this sculpture has become a subject of interest. On the sculpture, Atatürk is standing and wearing black a suit.

Baris Manco

Baris Manco is another sculpture that gets much attention. Like in real life Barıs Manco is wearing a lot of accessories and jewelry. His long hair is also catching the eye for its realism.

Adile Nasit

A significant actress for our country Adile Nasit also has a sculpture in the museum. The statue in the museum gives life to one of the characters of Adile Nasit, “Hafize Ana.” Carrying her tea trey with her blue apron and blue scarf is one of the famous sculptures in the museum.

Tarik Akan

Another very talented actor from back in the day; Tarık Akan. He is remembered with being a handsome actor back in his day. The museum holds space for this precious singer too. In the museum he is in his middle ages, wearing a black suit.

Muslum Gurses

A talent who has many fans both for his lyrics and his unique voice is also one of the sculptures in Madame Tussaud. Muslum Gurses was created like how the fans would remember him with a black suit and a microphone, on the one hand, singing. Imitation of the singer gestures his body language like he is on stage, this sculpture gets much attention from the visitors.

Beren Saat

Beren Saat is a talented actress from the day, has her space in the museum. Her statue is so realistic that if you held a Picture of her next to the sculpture, you wouldn’t find any dissimilarities. This sculpture is a famous one with many visitors.

Murat Boz

Murat Boz with recent changes in his statue also has a space in the museum. Next, to his statue, the museum has hanged his real-life photographs. By taking a look at this art piece, the visitors can appreciate the artist of these sculptures.

The museum is getting bigger and welcoming new sculptures every day. The museum where you can find statues of celebrities is open every day, except Monday.

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